Isaac Hayes, Scientology's Ambassador for Literacy, II

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Subject: Isaac Hayes, Scn's Ambassador for Literacy, II
Author: keshet <>
Date: 1999/07/31
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Isaac Hayes, Scientology's Ambassador for Literacy: Further musings on the efficacy of Study Tech.

A few weeks ago, I posted about problems with Isaac Hayes' web site that point to a fundamental failing of the Study Tech and that should be embarrassing for someone who represents a Literacy program. I just revisited the site and the problems remain. Eh, so I am not "at cause" over Isaac Hayes…but looking on the bright side, the errors and deformed syntax still serve the purpose of underscoring the ineffectiveness of Study Tech. Thanks, Isaac, for your unwitting support of the critics' cause.

Here's another of the problems:

The Isaac Hayes web site is at <http://>.

Quoting from the Ghana and Literacy Crusade page at

<http:// dox/ ghana.html>

When Mr. Hayes returned to the US, he was made the International spokesperson of the World Literacy Crusade. He immediately started making plans to improve literacy in Ghana.

In light of what follows in the paragraph, I would advise that charity should begin at home.

Members of his delegation include Alfreddi Johnson, founder of the World Literacy Crusade, who has delivered the Study Technology to several US inner cities as well as Ms. Anne Roberts who introduced the Study Tech to schools in Zimbabwe where over 17,000 are taught by teachers using the Study Technology.

Oh boy, this HAD to have been written by a student of LRH. It has all the earmarks of his tortuous style.

First, it's Alfreddi*e* Johnson. Major points off for misspelling the name of the World LITERACY Crusade founder.

Second, this is an excellent example of how Study Tech fails. I have no M/Us (misunderstood words) in this sentence and yet I feel "blank" and "tired", like I'm "not there".

  1. In spite of what it says, I don't believe Rev. Johnson delivered the Tech to "inner cities as well as Ms. Anne Roberts". Using a little common sense, it's apparent that the delegation included Rev. Johnson "as well as Ms. Anne Roberts". This sentence is definitely in need of rephrasing.

  2. I also don't believe that Rev. Johnson drove a delivery truck to inner cities and unloaded books on the street. I assume he "delivered" (employed) Study Tech to (teach) inner city (residents).

  3. Are 17,000 (students) taught per class/semester/year? Or is the actual meaning that 17,000 (students) have been taught to date?

Literacy includes good grammar and clear writing style—IOW, some basic communication skills. Aren't Scientologists supposed to be good at this? Communication, after all, is one of the points of the ARC triangle—the most important one, in fact. Specialized vocabulary, redefined words and odd phrasing do not further communication, they impede it. It is just plain weird that any group so hungry for converts works so relentlessly to wall themselves off from their targets.

Well, as before, I leave it as an exercise for the reader to discover the rest of the grammatical problems on Mr. Hayes' site.


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