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By Jennifer Laurin

This is part of a web site that was designed for Grove City College students enrolled in Contemporary American Religion (RELI 247) to learn how to become judicious Internet researchers and to give them an opportunity to contribute to the body of research on new religious movements.

After learning how to do research, students selected one new religious movement to research [the Church of Scientology in this case]. Each student contributed an exhaustive bibliography of books, articles, and Internet resources on his or her particular religious movement. This bibliography was assembled by Ms. Jennifer Laurin.

Note: A Table of Contents and supplemental links have been added. Links in the original have been activated but may be obsolete or broken.

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Popular, Primary Source Books

Braddeson, Walter. Scientology for the Millions. Los Angeles: Sherbourne, 1969.

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——. What is Scientology?: The Comprehensive Reference on the World's Fastest Growing Religion. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1992.

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——. Auditors: The Most Valuable Beings on the Planet. Los Angeles: L. Ron Hubbard Library, 2000.

——. Axioms and Logics: The Axioms of Scientology, the Prelogics, the Logics, the Axioms of Dianetics. Los Angeles: American St. Hill Organization, 1971.

——. Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000. New York: St. Martin's, 1982.

——. Buckskin Brigades. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1987.

——. Ceremonies of the Founding Church of Scientology. Los Angeles: American St. Hill Organization, 1966.

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——. Communicating is Fun Course. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1992.

——. Dianetics 1955! Phoenix: Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, 1954.

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——. Dianetics Today. Los Angeles: Church of Scientology of California Publications Organization United States, 1975.

——. Dianetics, the Evolution of a Science. 8th ed. Los Angeles: American St. Hill Organization, 1972.

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——. Dianetics, the Original Thesis. Los Angeles: American St. Hill Organization, 1970.

——. Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1992.

——. E-meter Essentials: A Startling and Thorough Coverage of the E-meter Incorporating all Modern Developments and its Use in Assessments and Confessionals. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1988.

——. Field Staff Member Specialist: A Scientologist Hatting Course. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1991.

——. Grammar and Communication for Children. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1992.

——. Group Auditor's Handbook. Los Angeles: Bridge, 2001.

——. Handbook for Preclears. 8th ed. Los Angeles: Church of Scientology of California, 1975.

——. Have You Lived Before This Life? Los Angeles: Bridge, 1989.

——. Have You Lived Before This Life?: A Scientific Survey: A Study of Past Lives Through Dianetic Engrams. Los Angeles: American St. Hill Organization, 1971.

——. How to Live Though an Executive: Communications Manual. 6th ed. Los Angeles: American St. Hill Organization, 1971.

——. How to Save Your Marriage. Copenhagen: S.P.O., 1969.

——. Hubbard Advanced Auditor Course. Academy Level IV. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1987.

——. Hubbard Certified Auditor Course. Academy Level II. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1987.

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——. Hubbard Professional Auditor Course. Academy Level III. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1987.

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——. Hubbard Professional Metering Course. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1996.

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——. Hubbard Trained Scientologist Course. Academy Level I. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1987.

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——. Science of Survival: Prediction of Human Behavior. Los Angeles: Bridge, 2001.

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——. Special Course in Human Evaluation. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1992.

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——. The Book of Case Remedies. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1991.

——. The Creation of Human Ability: A Handbook for Scientologists. Los Angeles: American St. Hill Organization, 1971.

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——. The Research and Discovery Series: A Running Record of Research into the Mind and Life. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1994.

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——. The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1991.

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——. Understanding the E-Meter: A Book on the Basics of How the E-Meter Works. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1988.

——. What is Scientology?: Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard. Los Angeles: Church of Scientology of California, 1978.

——. When in Doubt, Communicate: Quotations from the Works of L. Ron Hubbard. Ann Arbor: Scientology Ann Arbor, 1969.

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Scholarly, Secondary Source Books

De Mille, Richard. Introduction to Scientology: An Introductory Survey and Evaluation of Thirty Year's Work in the Field of Human Thought. 2nd ed. Los Angeles: Sequoia Univ. of California, 1953.

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Popular, Secondary Source Books

Atack, Jon. A Piece of Blue Sky: Scientology, Dianetics, and L. Ron Hubbard Exposed. [linked -ed.K] New York: Carol, 1990.

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Primary and Popular

California Association of Dianetic Auditors. Journal of the Dianetic Sciences, 1961.

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Scholarly, Secondary Source Articles

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Popular Primary Sources by Scientology

(Official) websites by Scientology. Includes information about the organization, its location, leaders, beliefs, practices, and activities

"Church of Scientology International Presents Effective Drug Solutions"
The Church of Scientology International has created this web site, featuring an on-line copy of the booklet Freeing Society from Drugs. This website shows how Scientology can help fight drugs.
"Church of Scientology Official Website"
The official website of the Church of Scientology.
<http:// en_US/ index.html>
"Freedom Magazine"
This site, published by the Church of Scientology, tells how freedom is something that must be protected, and shows how Scientology can help bring freedom and protect human civil rights.
"Helping Children"
This church-sponsored site gives ideas for raising children, as well as offering materials to parents which will give them the skills needed to raise good children in a corrupt world.
"L. Ron Hubbard Media Resources"
This site, sponsored by the Church of Scientology, includes recent news items related to L. Ron Hubbard or his works from around the world which may be of interest to journalists.
"L. Ron Hubbard Site"
The Church of Scientology has constructed this site to give information about L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, the religion he founded.
"L. Ron Hubbard: The Founder of Scientology"
This church-sponsored website gives information about Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, and his accomplishments and writings during his lifetime.
This church-sponsored site answers questions about the religion and its members. In it, leading scholars provide diverse and insightful perspectives into Scientology, resulting in a unique and comprehensive overview of the religion.
"Scientology Auditing"
This site is sponsored by the Church of Scientology and gives information about Scientology in general, and specifically about auditing.
"Scientology Handbook"
Another official site of the church, this site offers the online version of the handbook about Scientology, as well as other self-help ideas and answers to general Scientology questions.
"Scientology Missions International"
This official Scientology website offers basic dianetics and Scientology services.
"Scientology Official Homepage"
Another official website of the Church of Scientology.
"Scientology Press Office"
Sponsored by the church, this site gives information about issues the Church of Scientology International supports, activities it sponsors, and Scientology spokespersons.
"Scientology Volunteer Ministers"
This is a church-sponsored website which gives information about volunteer services. There is also a locator to find a Scientology Volunteer Minister.
"The President of the Church of Scientology Answers Your Questions"
As another church sponsored website, this site gives general information about Scientology and has many interactive opportunities.
"Those Who Oppose Scientology"
This website, sponsored by the Church of Scientology, explains the issues over which many people disagree with them.

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Individual articles posted by members of Scientology or local organizations of Scientology

"Citizens Commission on Human Rights"
This site contains articles by L. Ron Hubbard and is against psychiatry, which is an enemy of Scientology.
"Friends of Narconon"
This site tells how L. Ron Hubbards program and book can help solve the drug problem.
<http:// index.html>
"Leisa Goodman's Homepage"
Leisa Goodman is the Director of Media Relations for the Church of Scientology International in Los Angeles, CA. Her web site highlights Church publications and Scientology's Freedom magazine. There is no information on Scientology's doctrines but there is a link to the home page.
<http:// goodman>
"New Era Dianetics"
Changes by L. Ron Hubbard to his original Dianetics doctrine prompted the rise of New Era Dianetics. This site devotes time to explaining these "expanded Dianetics," focusing on auditing and attaining the state of Clear. One can access the Dianetics home page and other related sites.
"PURIFICATION Body Detoxification Program"
Scientologists advocate lifestyles free from all types of drugs. The Church administers a program, Narconon, which helps drug addicts overcome their habit. Narconon is church-affiliated but also helps people from outside the church. This site focuses on Narconon, along with articles promoting the benefits of a drug-free lifestyle.
<http:// purif>
"Reducing Crime Through Criminon"
This site tells how crime can be fought using the discoveries made by L. Ron Hubbard.
"Scientology Codes and Creeds"
Taken from "What is Scientology?" an official publication of the Church, the information on this web site provides answers to frequently asked questions about the beliefs of Scientology. The codes and creeds of Scientology are presented.
<http:// internet/ news/ faq/ archive/ scientology.users.codes_and_creeds.html>
"Scientology Members Online"
In March of 1998, members of the Church of Scientology were encouraged to create individual web sites, complete with a major emphasis on their success with the Church. Over 15,000 Scientologists have uploaded web sites onto the Internet. The sites give personal information about the member and his/her favorite links to other Scientology-related web sites.
"Scientology Parishioners League"
This website was put together by a group of Scientologists who joined together to publish and provide the truth about the Scientology religion to the media and society.
"World Institute of Scientology Enterprises"
This website discusses how the ideas set forth by Scientology can help a person succeed in the business world and can make the world a better place with the ethics Scientology proposes.
<http:// index.htm>

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Popular Primary Sources by Ex-Members of Scientology or Family Members of Scientology Members

Anti-cult websites by ex-members of Scientology or their family members

"Examining the Church of Scientology: Apologetics Index"
This website analyzes Scientology and other cults from an Evangelistic Christian prospective.
<http:// apologeticsindex/ s04.html>
"Hollywood, Satanism, Scientology and Suicide"
This website gives information and reveals truth about the destructiveness of Scientology.
<http:// ~fishman/ fable.htm>
"Lisa McPherson Memorial Page, by Jeff Jacobsen"
This page is about Lisa McPherson and her untimely death which seems to be a result of her involvement in Scientology. It gives information about why Scientology is dangerous to everyone and what is being done to stop the cult.
"Scientology Lies, by Kristi Wachter"
This site contains information about court rulings concerning Scientology, the lies the church tells to its members, and other facts against Scientology.
"The Truth About Scientology, by Kristi Wachter"
This critical site is intended for members of Scientology or anyone interested in the claims made by Scientology.
"The Web Page of Total Freedom"
Written under anonymity, the author of this site, an auditor in the church, agrees with some aspects of Scientology but focuses more on what he disagrees with primarily the Religious Technology Center. However, one must move deeper into the site to see the author's dislikes because the page begins with definitions of Scientology terms and appears to be a scholarly site.
<http:// ~michaelv/ scnreform.htm>

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Popular Anti-Cult Secondary Sources by Non-Members of Scientology

Websites and individual articles posted by other anti-cult observers (who are neither members of Scientology nor anti-cult conservative Christians, e.g. skeptics)

"An Introduction to Scientology"
This website gives an overview of Scientology, including dianetics and Ron L. Hubbard [sic], from a critical perspective.
<http:// cos/>
"ARS Website Summary"
This page is an attempt at assembling the most comprehensive list of scientology related material that exists on the web. This page is to be an introductory guide for newcomers as well as a useful tool for critics and researchers.
"Critical Information about Scientology"
Jeff Jacobson, a critic of the Church of Scientology, gives personal experiences with Scientologists and research he has conducted on the group. He offers a copy of the text of his book on Hubbard's discoveries. There are also links to various Scientology-related web pages, particularly to those pertaining to the conflicts in which Scientology has been engaged in recent years.
<http:// ~cultxpt/ cos.htm>
"Exposing the Con"
This site has many articles and facts posted that discredit Scientologys claims.
<http:// index.html>
"Extracts and Analysis of Scientology Scriptures"
The title of this site sums up what it offers viewers. Specifically, there are excerpts from lectures and writings of L. Ron Hubbard and an interesting extract from the Church's official publication What is Scientology?, complete with comments in parentheses claiming lies present in the text.
<http:// ~dcs/ posts/ pulpindx.html>
"Fact Net"
This is a non-profit organizations website which aims to give information about cults and fight against their influence. It has several pages that concern Scientology, and contains some articles about the church.
<http:// Scientology/ settle.html>
"German Scientology News"
The heated debate over Scientology in Germany is the main topic of this web site maintained by an individual not affiliated with any other Scientology organization. There are documents translated from German into English. The point of this web site is to offer information about Scientology's presence in Germany and give the details without fear of being sued.
"Karin Spaink's Homepage"
Karin Spaink, the creator of this web page, is one of the persons sued by the Church of Scientology for copyright infringement.
<http:// ~kspaink>
"Narconon Exposed"
This site discusses Narconon and its use as a cover-up for Scientology. It gives information about the Narconon program and its relation to the religion.
<http:// ~dst/ Narconon/>
"Operation Clambake, by Andreas Heldal-Lund"
Includes many anti-Scientology statements and information about the controversies surrounding them. The owner of this site was under legal attack by the Church of Scientology for having this site.
"Scientology Audited, by Chris Owen"
This website has a collection of official Scientology documents and critical essays on Scientology.
<http:// castle/ audit/ index.html>
[also at <http:// cowen/ audit/ ofpapers.html< -ed.K]
"Scientology: Cult of Greed and Power"
The greed present in the Church of Scientology is the focus of this web page. There are links to other anti-Scientology sites listed here and stories from ex-Scientologists. There are books archived on this site that the Church has tried to ban from publication. This site is consistently under construction so it changes frequently.
"Scientology Watch"
This website posts many articles that are about Scientology. The authors of the site are critical of Scientology, so the articles posted are not from a pro-Scientology perspective. The immediate goal of this site is to present Scientology news, and encourage questions and comments on the stories that are included.
<http:// postnuke/ index.php>
"The Church of Scientologys Supremacy Over the Search Term Scientology on Google"
This website gives an overview of how Scientology has sued and dominated the search engine Google through a court case and other means.
<http:// google/>
"The Church of Scientology Vs. the Net, by Ron Newman"
This page was created to document the numerous acts the Church of Scientology has committed against free speech on the Net.
<http:// users/ rnewman/ scientology/ home.html>
[also at <http:// rnewman/ index.htm> -ed.K]
"The Internal Revenue Service Guide to Scientology"
This site is not affiliated with the government or the Church of Scientology [info], but it gives information about the tax status of Scientology organizations in comparison with similar organizations.
<http:// irs/>
"The Secrets of Scientology, by Dave Touretzky"
This website of a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University contains links to other popular (anti-cult) secondary sources on Scientology that are written by critics of Scientology.
<http:// ~dst/>

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Popular Secondary Sources About Scientology

Individual articles posted by newspapers, magazines, etc. that are written by someone other than a member of Scientology, ex-member of Scientology, conservative Christian, or skeptic.

This is a mostly commercial website, which gives information about dianetics technology, as well as information about the developer of the technology, L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard is also the founder of the Church of Scientology.
<http:// dnhome.html>
"Inside the Church of Scientology"
Inside the Church of Scientology is a five part Boston Herald investigative report. While the series contains a lot of information, much of the interpretation of the information draws from the perspective of some of the nastiest of Scientology critics.
<http:// scientology/>
"Intolerance Online: What is Scientology?"
This site is pro-Scientology, but does not give the name of its author or site master. It contains information about Scientology and dianetics and has several of its documents (scriptures) available online.
<http:// scn.htm>
This website is created by This website quizzes the user his or her values and beliefs. After the quiz, the site gives the user his or her best religious match. This particular link is what is presented to a user whose best religious match is Scientology.
<http:// RELIGION/ Sc.html>
"The Ross Institute for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements"
This site features a discussion of the harmful nature of Scientology by a non-profit organization (the Rick Ross Institute) that provides information about destructive cults.
"The Scientology Story (Los Angles Times series)"
Between June 24-29, 1990, the Los Angeles Times printed a six-part series on the Church of Scientology. Its authors, Joel Sappell and Robert W. Welkos, explored the founding of the Church, L. Ron Hubbard, and Scientology's present-day battles with outsiders. Each day a new topic was addressed and there are individual links to each day's story.
<http:// ~dst/ Library/ Shelf/ la90/ la90-0.html>
[also at <http:// pubs/ latimes/ index.htm> -ed.K]

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Scholarly Secondary Sources

Websites about Scientology by scholars of religion

"Center for Studies on New Religions"
This site gives information about many cults and religions, among them Scientology.
"GTU Library"
This site has links to many sources about cults and new religious movements.
<http:// library/ links/religion.html#link2>
"Religious Movements Homepage: The Church of Scientology"
This site is by the University of Virginia. It includes the history of the religion, its beliefs and practices, and other information.
<http:// nrms/ scientology.html>
This site is by the Ontario Consultants of Religious Tolerance [info]. They have information about many religions and cults. This page contains the beliefs, practices, and other information about the Church of Scientology.
<http:// scientol.htm>
"Watchman Fellowship"
This site contains many articles about Scientology, as well as other religions and cults.
<http:// sci/ index.htm>