The Kotzé Report

Report of the Commission of Enquiry into Scientology for 1972
Republic of South Africa

The State President of the Republic of South Africa appointed a Commission of Enquiry into Scientology on 28 March 1969. The purpose of the Commission was "to enquire into and report on -

  1. the aims and objects of Scientology and to determine whether the organisation as such is in a position and capable to achieve such objects;

  2. the methods, processes, practices, techniques and principles of treatment which are applied to achieve the objects envisaged;

  3. the nature and the amount of remuneration which is charged or received by persons who are associated with the practice of this cult [note that even before the publication of the Report, the President refers to Scientology as a "cult". -ed.];

  4. the manner and methods by which this money is collected;

  5. the type of behavioural deviations and illnesses to which the practitioners give attention;

  6. the manner in which Scientology is advertised;

  7. the possible beneficial or harmful effects of the processes;

  8. the influencing of persons under 16 years and the legal considerations regarding the approval of parents that their children be involved; and

  9. any other aspects concerning Scientology which the Commission may deem necessary."

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Description Download
Beginning to page 90; includes title page, preface, table of contents, and chapters 1 through 6 (half of the last page of chapter 6 is in the 2nd part). Part 1
Part 1
Pages 91 to 192; includes chapters 7 through 12 (the last page and a half of chapter 12 is in the 3rd part). Part 2
Part 2
Page 193 to end; includes chapters 13 through 15, addendum, and annexures A through C (annexure D is reproduced separately on this web site as text and is not included in the PDF files). Part 3
Part 3


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The Kotzé Report

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