The Super Power(s) Webpage

This page is a critical review of Scientology's Super Power building in Clearwater Florida, US. And a collection of information on the Super Power(s) Rundown(s).

Let us begin with a quote from a newspaper article:

"The organization announced the building in 1991 as part of a $38-million renovation and construction program in Clearwater. The last construction start was planned for March 1994, but Scientology decided to complete some of the renovation projects first."

Another newspaper article tells us the project was to be built with volunteer labor. It appears that 37-41 Million Dollars have been collected already for construction. So what does the building look like after ten years and 41 million? The ground breaking ceremony was November 21, 1998. There is a picture one year after the ground breaking ceremony.

Now with Scientology we always have a problem with Dates, with the date of something. In one of their publications called The Auditor, issue 284, ca. August 1995, "never before released" information on the Super Powers Rundowns was released. Yet, two ex-members say the Super Powers dates back to the 1970's and was originally called the Humongous Rundown.

Another ex-member brings up the date of 1990, and that the Super Power project was originally called the Religious Trust. (And the color purple means Super Power Auditor).

Here is one of the definitions of Super Power, please note that this is from a 1982 Scientology dictionary. There seems to be some confusion on what donations accomplish. Scientology tells us the SP Rundown(s) are tax deductible. There are (now) 12 Rundowns on the SP Rundown and where they are located on The Bridge To Total Freedom.
Two more Newspaper articles, these concern overcrowding in apartments.

Here is a Freezone version of Super Power. Put together by Ralph Hilton with some similarities to the CofS version. -


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