Garry Scarff


From Garry Scarff, 9 Sept 1998
This morning, I visited with my doctor (whose office is 2 blocks from the Scientology base of operations on Sunset). She had me submit to X-rays and informed me to return to her office at 1:00. With an hour to spare, I took a walk in the neighborhood, visiting my former workplace on L. Ron Hubbard Way.

Turning off Sunset onto LRH Way, I was spotted by a bike guard (the same good looking youth that followed me at the Celebrity Center gala last month). I walked slowly down LRH Way as I observed him slowly riding his bike off to my side, announcing into his radio that "Mr. Scraff" (sic) was "on the premises". (They think they own LRH Way now?) As Icontinued walking down the sidewalk, I observed 2 more guards making a fast-track to my location joining the guard following me, now behind me.

Little activity was happening at the base. A banner hung from the Blue Building: "AOLA TTC: JOIN THE SEA ORG". An unmanned table was set up under the banner and no one paid any obvious attention to it. As I walked by ASHO, I observed a large sign on the sidewalk announcing the "25th Anniversary of Auditors Day".

I continued to walk around the building and then east on Fountain Avenue, crossing the street and into George's Market, the small convenience store owned and operated by church members. As I stood there looking at books on a shelf, I was greeted by a security guard inquiring what I was doing there. I informed him it was none of his business, and ignored his further ranting, walked over to a cooler to get a Diet Coke, having to forcibly push him backwards to get to the cooler. I asked the young man if he wanted a Coke, and he accepted, and I bought the guy a Coke. He thanked me and left as I paid for the sodas.

I then left the store and walked to my doctors office followed, at a distance, by two of my handlers (the guard with the Coke was not to be seen).

Amazing, that such paranoia still reigns when you just want to take a walk. Ho-hum.... Garry Scarff


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