Bruce Pettycrew


Subject: Co$ Attacks My Wife's Teaching Certificate:
Picketing HURTS the Scienos!!
From: (Bruce Pettycrew)
Date: 25 May 1999 02:29:45 GMT

A Co$ representative called the director of human resources at my wife's school district in Phoenix to complain about our picketing. He was told that as long as her activities are on her own time (and legal), there is no problem as far as the district is concerned. Then a letter was written to the Arizona State Department complaining about the picketing and the "lack of response" by the district. We will be getting a copy of the letter in a few days or so, and I will scan and post it.

Pickets hurt the Co$. Get your signs and hit the lines!!

Subject: Letter from Co$ PI to AZ State Department of Education
From: (Bruce Pettycrew)
Date: 29 May 1999 02:13:04 GMT

This is the content of the letter sent to complain about our pickets. I posted a scan of the letter to a.b.s.

What scum.

( My comments )

PHONE 602-443-4740
FAX 602-443-0529

April 29, 1999

Lisa Graham Keegan
Superintendent of Public Instruction
1535 West Jefferson
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Dear Ms Keegan;

I am a licensed private investigator in the State of Arizona. I am writing to you because of my deep concern about one Ms Kathleen Pettycrew, a teacher in the Shaw Elementary School, 1342 East Washington Street in Phoenix and her anti religious activities. This teacher and her husband have been picketing the Church of Scientology.
This activity became so disruptive that the Church had to obtain an injunction against her husband (supporting documents attached) to keep him from harassing members of the church as well as anyone visiting during religious ceremonies.

( There has never been any disruption nor proof thereof. I have never been enjoined to stop picketing, and the only injunction (to not make enough noise to disrupt "service") was the direct result of lies told under oath by Leslie Durhman. )

Neither this teacher or her husband have been members of this church and this church has never been in contact with them. About the time of the injunction someone spray painted Nazi symbols on the church and someone shot at the church. Also windows were broken several times. Other acts of desecration were committed within the last month. Fortunately no one was injured but the parishioners are (rightfully so) concerned for their safety. I do not know who painted the Nazi slogans on the church and I do not know who shot at the church. I am not accusing Ms Pettycrew of doing this. I do know that she and her husband, Bruce Pettycrew, seem to be affiliated with a group of individuals that are directing a lot of hatred and bigotry against the Church of Scientology.

(what scum!!)

I know that you are aware that there have been numerous irrational activities concerning public schools throughout the United States. I do not know if you condone this type of bigotry, everything I know about you indicates to me that you have and operate with the highest standards of integrity and morality.

I spoke telephonically to (Name omitted), Executive Director of Human Resources at the Phoenix Elementary School District. When I advised him of my concern he stated that he had no interest in such matters and asked me to contact him if the police arrested this teacher. Never mind my 40 years experience as a professional investigator, as a citizen of Arizona I was shocked with his lack of concern with the anti religious sentiment expressed by one of your employees. I hope his lack of professional ethics does not permeate the public school system in Arizona.

Sincerely Yours,

Kirk Fowler (Signature)


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