Scientology and Harassment


June 25, 99, Jeff Jacobsen, flyer, business
June 15, 19, 29, 1999, scn pickets, Peach,
June 8, 99, Bonnie Woods, libelled, court case
July 7, 99, Gregg Hagglund, Canada, harass, parents

May 25, 99, Pettycrew, business, harass
May 18, 99, Australia, internet, Nick Andrew
May 12, 99, Banned from chatroom, Ralph Hilton
May 8, 99, stalking, PI's, Keith Henson
May 8, 99, Kirstie Alley, scn pickets, anti Psychiatry, DC
May 99, covering many scn pickets, May-June,
May 7, 99, ISP, internet, copyright, closed account, Beverly Rice
May 7, 99, internet, copyright, Susan Mullaney
May 6, 99, Atlanta, flyers
May 1, 99, scn pickets, business, Keith Henson
May 1, 99, scn pickets, Ron Newman
May 1-13, 99, scn pickets, Kristi Wachter

April 29, 99, scn pickets, Rod Keller
April 28,29, 99, scn pickets, Kristi Wachter
April 28, 99, copyright, internet, WISE, Valerie Emanuel
April 26-27-28, 1999, scn pickets, Charlotte L. Kates
April 25, 99, scn pickets, Ron Newman
April, assorted dates, 99, Atlanta, scn pickets
April 99, Sweden, internet, copyright

March 29, 99, Susan Mullaney, internet, web page
March 19, 99, Don Nots, scn pickets, California
March 18, 99, Taniwha, scn pickets
March 17, 99, Ted Mayett, scn pickets, Las Vegas
March 16, 99, Kady O'Malley, scn pickets, Canada
March 15, 99, Mark Bunker, flyer, scn pickets
March 15, 99, Meklar, scn pickets
March 12, 99, Neal Hamel, flyer, Los Angeles

Feb 18, 99, Arnie Lerma, flyer
Jan 99, Ron Newman, Flyer, Business

December 17, 98, Lisa C., harass, job
December 17, 98, scn pickets, University, Dave Touretzky
December 2, 98, scn pickets, Rod Keller
Big file covering about 83 incidents, May to Dec 1998 (contains duplicates)

Sep 19, 98, Jim Wissick, scn pickets, house
Sep 13, 98, Jim Wissick, scn pickets, house, parents
Sep 12, 98, Bob Minton
Assorted dates, Bob Minton and family, much harassment
Continued, Bob Minton and family, much harassment
Sep 12, 98, scn pickets, Keith Henson, Palo Alto, house
Sep 11, 98, scn pickets, business, Jeff jacobsen,
Sep 10, 98, Bob Minton, assaulted while picketing, Boston, Jesse Prince
sep 9, 98, Garry Scarff, la, Los Angeles, followed
sep 9, 98, Keith Henson, scn pickets, house
sep 9, 98, Bob Minton, New Hampshire, scn pickets, Jesse prince, house
sep 8, 98, Bob Minton, New Hampshire, Boston, scn pickets, Jesse prince
sep 7, 98, bob Minton, scn pickets, drive-by
Sep 3, 98, internet, Gregg Hagglund, IRC
Sep 1, 98, Kristi Wachter, jour0, San Francisco, flyer

August 31, 98, bob Minton, stacy young, scn pickets, Denver airport
august 28, 98, Deana Holmes, scn pickets, house
august 27, 98, flyer, harass, leaflet, zinjifar
August 26, 98, scn pickets, house, jour0, Kristi Wachter, California
August 8, 98, Bruce Pettycrew, flyer, mesa, Arizona
August 8, 98, scn pickets, Keith Henson, house

July 28, 98, scn pickets, bob Minton, home
July 23, 98, German Embassy, Los Angeles, LA, Scn pickets
July 1, 98, scn pickets, Toronto, The American Psychiatric Association (APA)

May 25, 98, Deana Holmes, internet, web page
May 19, 98, Valerie, internet, web page
May 18, 1998, Tilman Hausherr, e-mail, nazi
May 16, 1998, David Gerard, internet, legal threat
May 16, 1998, Geoff Burling, internet, legal threat
May 15, 98, Mr. Zerpe (anti-cult), internet, web page, Helena Kobrin
May 15, 98, Alvin Brattli, internet, web page, helena kobrin
May 12, 98, scn pickets, Germany, Basel and Stuttgart
May 7, 98, Sue Mullaney, internet, web page, helena kobrin
May 2, 98, Keith Henson, false subpoena, house
May 2, 98, Bob Minton, PI Ron Christopher
May 2, 98, Bruce pettycrew, internet, isp
May 1, 98, Deana Holmes, internet, web page

April 27, 98, Deana Holmes, internet, web page
April 26, 98, Honnicut, internet, web page, AOL
April 17, 98, Tom Padgett, arrest, Clearwater
April 16, 98, Paper Tiger, internet, e-mail, harass
April 15, 98, Deana Holmes, internet, e-mail, threat
April 11, 98, Garry Scarff, phone, car, harass
April 8, 98, Garry Scarff, phone, mail, harass
April 4, 98, Grady Ward, house, flyer, mailing, harass
April 3, 98, Arnie Lerma, harass, house

March 26, 98, Flyers about the Boston Herald
March 24, 98, Ray Randolph, work, business, harass
March 23, 98, Grady Ward, Telephone, harass
March 19, 98, Joseph Mallia, Reporter, Boston Herald, investigation
March 19, 98, German Embassy, Los Angeles, scn pickets
March 16, 98, Graham Berry, California, flyers
March 15, 98, Bomb, Gene Ingram, California, Neal Hamel
March 14, 98, David Gerard, flyer, Australia
March 10, 98, Bob Minton, theft, Los Angeles,
March 10, 98, Neal Hamel, gene Ingram, business, work, in person visit
March 10, 98, Andreas Heldal-Lund, legal, lawyer, internet
March 7, 98, Enquete Commission, Washington DC, scn pickets
March 3,98, harass, Peter Reichelt, Hemet, German, police
March 1,98, Ray Randolph, internet, phone, pi

Feb 21, 98, Scott McClare,harass, phone, pi
Feb 18, 98, Switzerland, Two scientologists condemned for slandering
Feb 9, 98, Garry Scarff, Harass, phone
Feb 10, 98, Birgitta, harass, house, police
Feb 9, 98, Birgitta, harass, house
Feb 2, 98, Stacy Robert Young, pets, harassment

Jan 26, 98, Tilman Hausherr, internet, copyright, web page
Jan 13, 98, Perry Scott, internet, web page, legal
Jan 2, 98, Tom Klemesrud, assorted vandalism and theft.

Dec 21, 97, Therese Bob Minton, newspaper article, harassment
Dec 18, 97, scn hands out flyers, police, newspaper, Clearwater
Dec 16, 97, Bob Minton, scn pickets, house.
Dec 15, 97, Dead cat, Bob Minton, house
Dec 11-13, 97, Ron Newman, flyers, house
Dec 97, Rod Keller, Clearwater, flyer
Dec 97, Clearwater, scn pickets, Police and Fire department, Newspaper
Dec 97, Deana Holmes, Clearwater, scn pickets, flyer, California
Dec 97, Clearwater, Grady Ward. scn pickets, flyer, California
December 97, Clearwater, scn pickets, flyer, leaflet, Dennis Erlich, California

November 8, 97, Deana Holmes, scn pickets, house
November 5, 97, German Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel, scn pickets
October, 31, 97, Roland Rashleigh-Berry, Internet
October, 27, 97, Berlin Germany, scn pickets
October 17, 97, Grady ward, internet, tidepool, isp
October 16, 97, Bob Minton, family, harassment, osa

July, 27, 97, Frankfurt Germany, scn pickets
May 6, 97, scn pickets, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl
Feb 22, 97, Jeff Jacobsen, scn pkts, business
Feb 18, 97, Jeff jacobsen, harass, announcement of Lisa page
Jan 17, 97, Jeff Jacobsen, legal threat

Oct, 96, Netherlands, ISP, internet
May 19, 96, ARS, spam attack
November 95, Dutch, Dead Agent
August 26, 95, robert stacy young, scn pickets, seattle washington
January 11, 95, internet, alt.religion.scientology, Helena Kobrin
January 4, 95, internet, anonymous remailers
April, 94, scn pickets, John Atack
1992/93, Hana Whitfield

May, 1985, Portland Crusade, Religious Freedom Crusade

September 1981, Readers Digest
Scientology attacks Judges.
scn pickets, assorted names and dates
Animal Abuse
Assorted posts
Covert & Harassment Operations


Rod Keller's 'ARS Week In Review' has some coverage of daily harassment.

The following pages, by Ron Newman, covers harassment for 1995 and early 1996
Authors, harassment, non-internet harassment

Harassment of UK Citizens

Harassment in Atlanta, Georgia

Threats and harassment to ARS participants, 1996

Note: Regarding the flyers given out, mainly around December 1997.
In some cases Scientology admitted to giving out the actual flyers. It is worthy to note this fact though, none of these "KKK" style flyers were signed by scientology. In fact, scientology claimed that all the actions taken across the Country were individual "church" members acting alone. And yet, the wording on the different flyers is remarkably identical. And, not all the flyers given out were ever scanned in and posted.
Further, many of the people who attended the Clearwater picket of December 1997, had their homes picketed by scientologists, while they were *away* from home.



Well, to make a long story short as possible. If you are on this page and just want to click around here and there, well you don't need any instructions. You can stop reading this now.

However, if you are a serious Researcher or Student, or something along this line, well then let me tell you this... this Harassment section is a MESS. A real mess. Now there are a thousand things I could have done to make this more useful, but I did not do them. If you want to get the information off this site, you will have to get your hands dirty, and find it all yourself.

On the positive side, all the text info is in *.htm and *.txt files.
[Update August 2004. The site is now roughly 62 meg, 2700 files. But the root here /pickets/ is about 11 meg with 600 files. And this root /pickets/ contains all the harassment reports in files sp*.*, about 141 of these, 1.3 meg]

There is a lot of information in these files, so much info that even if I had made a good index to it all, it would still be faster for a professional to do a text search. Now the people that typed in these reports, many of them are just like myself, ordinary people. They may not be professional secretaries, or journalists, or lawyers, or anything like this. Many of them are just ordinary people like myself. So expect typo's and misspellings, becawse(gr) you will certainly find them. Quite a number of 'pickets' reports also contain 'harassment' reports, that are not found in the 'Harassment' section.

A personal observation I had made, while collecting these reports, was the offhand manner people would often use to describe the harassment. "Oh yes, I got another picket today." "and I almost forgot, they did the flyers again." "yeah Kobrin sent another complaint to my ISP." And etc. Late 1995, until I believe about late 1999 was an incredible time for harassment. Reports just poured into ARS hot and heavy from all around the world. It was an interesting time to live through. I was a Player in all of this myself, and it was quite interesting.
Ted Mayett November 2003.

Here is an old introduction I had used on this page, I'm leaving it in for any historical value it might have.
How to use this page:
The items are listed by date. Do a Find with your browser to find specific items.
Examples: "scn pick", will find anything where scientology has done a picket. "harass" will find anything that is not a picket. You can do a Find by date or city or name. Note by Archiver: I have taken [snipping] liberties in these reports.

Please understand, trying to keep up with the harassment done by scientology would be a full-time job. What we have here is simply a poor and humble attempt to list *some* of the harassment. Missing are such things as scientologists banging on the windows of Radio Stations because they do not like the broadcast. (this happened somewhere in Australia in 1998, or maybe this was the Boston Radio Station, I just don't remember and did not save the information). Missing are reports from Norway, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, and other places outside of the US. Mainly I had concentrated on the US when attempting this page. I had concentrated on the US, not only because I live here, but because just doing this one country was hard enough to follow.

Listing the harassment like this, and mentioning that it goes on world-wide, is to suggest that scientology is a large organization. Quite the opposite is the truth of it though. They are a small and mean bunch of members. (estimated at 150,000 world-wide, circa 1998) While they do get members to do pickets and flyers and such things at local places such as "Arcata, California". These members tend to drift away, for the most part the members who do this local harassment do not come back more than two or maybe three times. What we have is a select few members that are flown around the world for purposes of harassing those who dare to criticize the cult. Some of scientology's Private Investigators (

For the serious student or Reporter on this subject, this page is simply a decent starting point, much more research would have to be done. I would suggest a search through ( using the following words: revenge flyer harass counter, and words like this, on the following three newsgroups:
alt.religion.scientology - nl.scientology - de.soc.weltanschauung.scientology

Additional search terms:
Paulette Cooper (Operation Freakout)
Scientology vs. the IRS
Operation Snow White

If you are reading this in the year 3056 or beyond, awesome!

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