Take care of your teeth

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The health of your teeth, the health of your body

Healthy teeth are not only beautiful and attractive smile is also providing health for the whole organism and should be not particularly care. Already 9 000 years ago in what is now Pakistan their peoples drilled in the teeth channels to get rid of tooth decay. Rustic treatment of teeth, surprisingly strongly resembled modern. It was certainly a way to relieve pain and illness, since the infected tooth is not only a hazard to the mouth, but also the whole organism.

The bacteria that cause caries constitute a big threat for other organs of the body, especially endangered by them are:

·         Heart - research shows that bad teeth can cause myocarditis, inflammation of the valve or even a heart attack.

·         Kidneys - is the body responsible for cleaning the blood, with her kidneys to get secreted by bacteria decay toxins that can cause glomerulonephritis


·         Ponds - toxins produced by the bacteria in the affected tooth nested with the blood enter the joints, causing them inflammation.