Get enough sleep

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Sleep for body and soul

A man without sleep can survive about two weeks, after this time - dies. Sleep is very complex and complicated process occurring in both the body and the human psyche. While the impact of sleep on the human body has been well studied, it's important for the psyche is still one of the biggest mysteries of science. However, you can see the effects of what is to not spill the human psyche. And this is why it is worth enough sleep:


Sleep for Body

For the physical fitness of the organism sleep it is very important, as it allows to recover energy, regenerate the body, it turns out that people do not get enough sleep be more prone to diabetes and obesity, as a result of a smaller amount of leptin in the blood. There are also people with a much higher concentration of stress hormones in the blood. Lack of sleep slows the metabolism, leading to disturbances in the background and lowers resistance.

·         during sleep are repaired damaged nerve cells in the night

·         regeneration of the metabolism

·         body in the way of increased pumping blood to the muscles

·         produced hormones, testosterone, prolactin, growth hormone, leptin

Sleep for soul

Sleep is also very important for mental health. That lack thereof is given as one of the causes of depression, insomnia is also observed in people with schizophrenia. Lack of sleep causes depressed mood, irritability and even aggression, hinders concentration, weakened reflexes, makes you learn a lot slower. Exactly the importance of sleep for our psyche could not be the end of discoveries, one theory is that during sleep are removed any unnecessary information from our brain - in this concept is the dream daily orders of our mental system. The second theory has worked against - says that during sleep the brain processes and stores what you have learned and experienced during the day. A separate, almost completely unexplored issue is the question, what are dreams and what they dream.


Given how important in our lives are a dream, and how much good it brings to both our mental and physical, is the element of life, which should care.