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Examine regularly

Early diagnosis increases the chances of recovery

According to the research up to 80% of Poles do not know your cholesterol level, and 70% do not know what the level of glucose is - this is because our nation is not accustomed to performing regular preventive examinations. Most of the population is going to test only when the symptoms of the disease become apparent.


Meanwhile timely detected the disease can be cured before they develop into good. This increases both the probability of a cure even severe disease such as cancer; on the other hand, this reduces considerably the cost of treatment. It is also a way to choose the appropriate treatment depending on the disease to be detected.

The power of laboratory diagnostics lies in the fact that it performed in the method of testing can detect lesions at the level of the cell, so that you can react to the disease attacks all organs and organ systems.


Among the studies to be carried out regularly are: complete blood count, urinalysis, blood pressure measurements, ECG, cytology, mammography, eye tests, and dental review.

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