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Effective diagnosis of alcohol dependence

Conducting proper diagnosis is very important for further treatment. Alcoholism is a disease that affects different people.

1) Both young people and older suffer from heavy drinking alcohol. Not once the cause is pathological substrate.

2) Some studies suggest that addiction can be inherited and that it might be caused of psychological and neurotic problems.

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The initial phase of treatment for alcohol problems

1. At the beginning of the treatment it is important to diagnose the patient. The diagnosis should be involved both specialists in addiction treatment but also psychiatrists.

2. The key issue in the course of diagnosis is to establish a positive relationship with the patient. This is extremely important because it is from this relationship depends on the effectiveness of the entire treatment process.

3. Very often alcoholics are closed and they think only about their illness or simply do not recognize that the problem does not exist.

4. In this case, recovery can be very difficult and sometimes even impossible. When the diagnosis is also important to determine the patient's readiness to change the pattern of drinking. What does it mean? It should motivate a person sick, teach her how to cope without alcohol.

5. Where appropriate, performed well as psychological surveys can also be applied pharmacology, but only when it is necessary.


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