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Psychotherapy- crucial in the treatment of addiction

Treatment of addiction is based primarily on the use of appropriate therapy. The types of therapy used in the treatment of addiction:


- First of all, in the course of drug treatment is used individual psychotherapy.

- Another way of treatment is psychotherapy group.

- Sometimes encountered it is also a drug.

- Complement psychotherapy addiction include therapy is pairs.


Of course, each of the methods can be used alone but also can be combined so that they become much more effective.



The main objectives of each addiction treatment


1) Treatment of addiction is primarily designed to stabilize abstinence and limiting alcohol consumption.

2) Another objective is to improve the general state of mental and physical health. Everyone probably realizes that alcoholism leads to the destruction of relationships with loved ones, as well as serious complications of the disease. It may be associated with a split personality, impaired consciousness or of neurosis.

3) Another goal of treatment should be changes in the functioning of psychosocial.



Addiction treatment center uses a mixed methods, therapeutic and pharmacological to effectively help people. There are also important lessons, involving the patient's family, they allow to improve relations with loved ones, which to a large extent are associated with a much higher motivation of the patient to recovery.








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