Most important symptoms of alcohol dependence

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Professional diagnosis of alcohol dependence is important in planning treatment of addicted person.



Key symptoms include:

a) If the patient has a strong need for consuming alcohol in large amount. It should be noted, however, that in addition to this it is necessary to the existence of other symptoms.

b) A person is suffering from an impaired ability to control their drinking. Most often this involves problems related to the withdrawal of a drink. An addict returns to drinking regardless of their will.

c) A patient who is addicted to shows symptoms of withdrawal:

- Shaking hands,

- Hypertension,

- Nausea,

- Vomiting,

- Insomnia,

- Irritability,

- Fear.



d) Drinking for such people is a way of coping with problems and it makes them feel better, improves the mood.

e) The sick person has significantly altered tolerance to alcohol. Frequently with the length of drinking, will increase the amount of alcohol that is necessary to achieve the state of intoxication.



Phases of alcohol dependence

Alcohol addiction occurs in certain phases. At each stage it is possible to undergo treatment. Excellent professionals could be found after clicking on the link - stop drinking.

1) The first phase concerning alcohol dependence is called the initial phase. It usually takes several months to several years. Frequently everything starts from ordinary drinks from time to time. Men who drank notes the relationship between alcohol intake and its positive emotional state. At the same time in this phase, significantly increasing tolerance to alcohol. If you notice about yourself or a close relative like behavior that may indicate a serious risk of addiction.

2) The second phase is the phase of the warning, which start appearing memory lapses.

3) The next phase is the loss of control over drinking. In this phase, it is very difficult to handle alone. It is necessary to help the therapist and family support.

4) The last phase is bound in several days alcohol consumption without any restraint.